New Shark Wreck Reef Display!

The Oceanarium is excited to showcase its new ‘Shark Wreck Reef’ exhibit, which incorporates a shipwreck theme and is home to Carrie, the 7 year old Loggerhead turtle.

The newly refurbished walk through tunnel display, formerly known as the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ encompasses an impressive 350 thousand litres of salt water! Visitors can get up close to over 75 creatures, including a variety of shark species, southern stingrays, moray eels and a giant turtle.

An extensive three month renovation project has resulted in a beautiful new display with lifelike corals, harbour themed walls and an underwater shipwreck. There is also a new glass viewing area for visitors to get even closer and larger feeding platforms for animal feeding experiences.

Former visitor favourites such as Carrie the Loggerhead turtle, Rufus the Guitar fish and Zane the Zebra shark have returned to the seafront aquarium after a short stay offsite. Residents from this display have also recently welcomed some new tank mates, including a Green moray eel, Blue and yellow grouper, additional Black tip reef sharks, Southern stingrays and shoals of small tropical fish. 

Come and say hello to our recently returned residents and their new friends as they explore their new surroundings! 

Shark feeding presentations can be seen at 2:00pm and Turtle feeding presentations can be seen at 3:00pm.

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