2018 Memberships are now on sale and as a valued 2017 member, we are offering you fantastic discounted renewal prices!

Regularly visit all your favourites throughout the year including the playful penguins, the mischievous otter family and Ziggy the iguana.


  Silver Gold
Adult £24.50 (save £5.45) £36.75 (save £6.20) 
Child £16.50 (save £4.00) £24.75 (save £4.20)
Family of 4 £59.90 (save £15.05) £89.95 (save £15.00)


Renew your membership online - click here


Silver is our standard membership. It is valid every day (except Christmas Day) so you'll get unlimited free Oceanarium admission plus 15% discount in The Cove gift shop, Offshore Cafe and Bay View Terrace.

Gold is our VIP membership, for those who want to get fantastic, additional benefits!

It allows unlimited free Oceanarium admission (every day except Christmas Day), 20% discount in The Cove gift shop, Offshore Cafe and Bay View Terrace, 2 x Free Guest day tickets, 10% off the Aquarist for a Day experiences and half price admission to Blackpool Zoo and Lakes Aquarium.

* child passes must be linked to a 2018 adult or family of 4 pass

NB. Your passes will not be posted to you; they will be available for you to collect on your next visit to the Oceanarium. Alternatively, pop into the Oceanarium to renew.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Silver membership, but I would like to renew to a Gold membership, can I do that?

Yes, you can renew to a Gold membership.

I’m a Bronze member, why are there no Bronze renewals?

As the Bronze Memberships are only the cost of two visits, we would pretty much be giving them away if we were to reduce the price further. As a bronze 2017 member you can still take advantage of the great renewal prices for a Silver or Gold membership if you wish to upgrade.

I have a membership for me and my child/children, but would like to include my partner for 2018. Can I renew to a family membership?

Yes, you can renew to a family membership.

My child is about to turn three years old, should I purchase a new membership or a renewal?

If your child turns three after 1st September 2017, you can buy their first membership at the renewal price if purchased by 31st December 2017. After this date a new membership would need to be purchased. If they turn 3 between 1st January – 31st August 2018, you may consider purchasing a pass for them now to take advantage of the renewal price.

If your child turned three before 31st August, they should already have a 2017 child membership, so you can simply renew that for 2018.

I’ve bought a renewal by mistake, but I wasn’t a member in 2017, what should I do?

When you come into admissions to collect your membership, you will just need to pay the difference between a renewal and a new membership.

I don’t want to or can’t pay online, how can I buy my renewal?

Just pop into admissions any time before 31.12.17 and you can pay for your renewal in person, it advised if you wish to renew in person to do so by 23rd December, as the Christmas holidays can get busy and there could be a wait.

I want to renew my membership, but I won’t be visiting again until next year – what should I do?

As long as you pay for your renewal before 31.12.17, you can pick your membership card up at any time next year.  

Terms & Conditions

  • Renewals can only be purchased if you have a 2018 Membership.
  • You cannot buy a Silver Adult or Silver Family of 4 with a Gold Child - all ‘linked’ passes must be either all Gold or all Silver 
  • Memberships are valid from the day of purchase until 31st December 2018.
  • Renewals MUST be purchased before the 31st December 2016. Full price will be payable after this date. Please note that your 2017 Pass expires on 31st December 2017 so cannot visit after this date without renewing.
  • You must take your 2017 Membership Card as proof of membership, to the admissions desk when renewing.  
  • Full membership terms and conditions apply to renewal memberships.


If you have any doubts or questions, please email or call 01202 311993 ext 25 during the Oceanarium’s opening hours, Monday - Friday.


Children under 3 yrs FREE!! See other tickets


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