Otter Oasis

Watch our adorable otter family swim, splash, feed and play in their naturally themed oasis.

Following a £150,000 investment, this naturally themed display opened in May 2011 which over the years has been home to our very cute and popular Oriental small-clawed otter family. Mo the youngest member of the family is now ready to start a family of his own, and we hope that our newest addition Branston (AKA Pickle) is the perfect match! Set in a lush bamboo forest with rocky pools and flowing streams, you can watch Mo & Branston swim underwater, splash, feed, and play in their luxury home, and see them learn, develop and enjoy all their new experiences!

They are the Oceanarium’s first mammals and are a fantastic addition to the ever-growing aquatic family – you will love them!

See the pups make their TV debut back when they were very young in 2012 here.

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Unforgettable Animal Experiences!

Unforgettable Animal Experiences!