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The ocean has so many different sides to it. From the Humboldt current of South America, where the perky penguins thrive, to the balmy waters of Key West, teeming with fish of every colour. Then there's the mysterious Amazon, where fish have teeth, and the dark depths of the Abyss, a place where humans are aliens. Discover all our fascinating displays and uncover some of the mysteries of the other half of our planet.


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    Begin your underwater journey in the Amazon and venture through the undergrowth.

  • Otter Oasis

    Watch our adorable otter family swim, splash, feed and play in their naturally themed oasis.

  • Africa&Asia

    Africa & Asia

    Experience the tranquillity of creatures from the Ganges and Lake Malawi in Africa.

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    Penguin Beach Encounter

    Fall head over flippers in love with our colony of playful penguins.

  • Shark Wreck Reef

    Stroll through the impressive underwater tunnel and marvel at a variety of shark species, southern stingrays, moray eels and a giant turtle.

  • Marine Research Laboratory

    Find coral nurseries with starfish, urchins and cleaner shrimp on display.

  • Crocodile Rocks

    Crocodile Rocks is home to our African dwarf crocodile.

  • Tunnel (under shark wreck reef)

  • Abyss


    Marvel at the mysterious creatures of the dark depths of the ocean.

  • Global Meltdown

    What would happen if the ice caps melted and your world was flooded?

  • Key West

    Enjoy a beautiful cross section view of colourful fish as they swim among the tree roots of a mangrove lagoon.

  • Biggest Characters

    Meet our residents! See if you can spot our biggest personalities as you wander around the Oceanarium!

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    Observation Station

    Discover several species of exotic fish including clownfish, yellow tangs, cleaner shrimp and other organisms such as anemones.

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Explore our daily talks!