Shark Wreck Reef

Stroll through the impressive underwater tunnel and marvel at a variety of shark species, southern stingrays, moray eels and a giant turtle.

We are excited to showcase the new ‘Shark Wreck Reef’ exhibit, which incorporates a shipwreck theme and is home to several endangered and vulnerable aquatic species including Carrie, a 12 year old Loggerhead turtle.

You can get great views of the Shark Wreck Reef tank from all angles; from up above, then underwater in the tunnel, a large viewing window in Global Meltdown and a floor to ceiling window in Key West. 


Watch our regular feeding presentations including the 1.30pm ocean tank feed and marvel at our lively loggerhead turtle Carrie and her tank mates including black tip reef sharks, sting rays, eels and a range of beautiful fish which are very common to the creatures they would swim with in the wild.

PLEASE NOTE: During busy periods due to safety regulations regarding capacity the underwater tunnel is a through route only. As such at presentation times it cannot be used as a viewing area. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Unforgettable Animal Experiences!

Unforgettable Animal Experiences!