Biggest Characters

Meet our residents! See if you can spot our biggest personalities as you wander around the Oceanarium!

Meet our biggest characters: Mo, Pickle, Bob, Scarface, Pam and Zane.

Mo - The male Oriental small-clawed otter

Mo is the sensible and submissive one out of the two. He is very sweet-natured and he loves to juggle!

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Pickle - The female Oriental small-clawed otter

Although she is very fond of Mo and you will often see her cuddling up to him, she is definitely the one who wears the trousers and is the boss. She is a sassy princess who is used to getting her way and always gets very excited when its food time.

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Bob - The Pig-nosed turtle

Try and find this shy little guy! Bob spends most his time hiding amongst the bogwood and plants, but if you do manage to spot him, check out his cute little piggy nose! Fact: Pig-nosed turtles are completely aquatic – they have flippers to help them swim rather than claws like most other turtles.

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Scarface - The Honeycomb moray eel

This tough guy thinks he rules the Great Barrier Reef, and has some war wounds to prove it. You can tell him apart by his wonky jaw, a result of a scuffle in his youth! Fact: You will notice them opening and closing their mouths repeatedly, this is because they must pass water constantly through to allow them to breath

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Pam - The Pufferfish

Pam loves attention from visitors and never stops smiling. She rivals Angelina Jolie with her enviable perfect pout! Remember to keep her happy and smile right back! Fact: When distressed pufferfish are known to inflate like a beach ball, increasing to 2/3 times their size, hence their name.

Zane - The Zebra shark

This playful character is easy to spot in the Barrier Reef as he gracefully swims amongst his peers. He loves it when the Aquarists clean the tunnel so he can have a curious nose at what they are up to. Fact: Zebra sharks are born with striped markings hence their name, but these turn into spots as they grow up.

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