Pig Nosed Turtle

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Rivers and streams
Swamps & marshes
Common Name:
Pig Nosed Turtle
Scientific Name:
Carettochelys insculpta
Size: Up to 30cm
Australia and New Guinea
Conservation Status

The pig-nosed turtle is unlike any other species of freshwater turtle. It gets its name from its elongated, fleshy, pig-like snout. These specialised nostrils act as a snorkel at the surface of the water allowing the turtle to breathe whilst the rest of the body remains submerged.

In addition, the turtle's limbs are adapted into flippers resembling those of marine turtles. These turtles lack bony scutes over their shell bout have a leathery skin similar to those found in softshell turtles.It is almost entirely aquatic, with only the female ever leaving the water to nest.

Though native to Australia and New Guinea these turtles are becoming more and more popular as part of the exotic pet trade. 

Bob, the Oceanarium's pig-nose turtle, is situated in the Ganges display.

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