Construction is well underway for our brand new extension


Construction is well underway for our £1.5 million extension, which will soon be home to a colony of penguins! 

Following five years of planning the seafront tourist attraction is currently embarking on the biggest project in its 16 year history, which will increase the size of the Oceanarium by a third.

The centrepiece will be a fantastic penguin beach, pool and underwater viewing area along with a special area for penguins and visitors to mingle.

The two-storey extension, coming soon, will feature a new penguin enclosure, a walk through aviary, sea view terrace, educational exhibits, additional catering facilities and new staff areas. 

June 2015

This month we've have seen the roof go on our new turret, the rock work really progress in the penguin pool and windows go in! As we get closer to opening to the public, we can really start to see things coming together now!

May 2015

Work has begun on the interior of the penguin pool and the roof is starting to take shape.

April 2015

The building team are now working hard on the interiors - we can see the new penguin pool taking shape and all of the interior walls are going up!


March 2015

Some of the Oceanarium team have been for a sneak peek inside the our new extension as the first floor walls have started to go up! Now it's all coming together you can really get a feel for the amazing views of the coast that you will have from our new catering terrace.

February 2015

With the foundations laid, the walls are starting to go up very quickly now! 

January 2015

The ground has been levelled and you can now see the layout for the walls starting to take shape! 

December 2014

This week we have seen the progression of the penguin pool, here you can see the two large underwater viewing windows that will be on the ground floor! There will also be two bubble windows to help little ones get a good look! We will be sure to keep you up to date with everything throughout the process as we see it all take shape!

October 2014

It's really happening... the dividing wall is on its way down!! Construction for the £1.5m penguin expansion project has officially started!

Before the work began...