Penguin Beach Encounter - NOW OPEN!


We are so excited to announce that Penguin Beach Encounter is now OPEN!

Ten playful Humboldt penguins have now taken up residence in their brand new custom-built exhibit ‘Penguin Beach Encounter’, which has been specifically designed to replicate the birds’ natural habitat with a deep pool, beach and rockery. 

Dani Farah, who has recently relocated from Dubai back to the UK to become the Oceanarium’s new Penguin Keeper, said “I have absolutely loved getting to know the colony over the past couple of weeks and learning all their quirky traits. Penguins are my true passion I can’t wait to share this love with visitors.

As part of the new extension, visitors can also see penguins swimming through underwater viewing windows, be mesmerised by jellyfish, play in our brand new children's play zone or enjoy a drink and a bite to eat on our exclusive Bay View Terrace.