Animal Experiences

Our Animal Experiences are BACK! 

Get the chance to be even closer to some of the most awesome animals with our animal experiences. 

Please Note: Penguin Feeding Experiences are currently suspended until further notice. DEFRA has placed us in a surveillance zone for Avian Influenza which has put our birds at risk. Due to this announcement this has meant we have had to close Penguin beach to all visitors for their safety until further notice. We are currently monitoring the situation and awaiting further updates from DEFRA. All those with unredeemed vouchers will be contacted once we have further news regarding this situation. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

If you have an outstanding experience voucher for any of our other experiences from 2019 / 2020, please click here so we can book you in. Experiences are being booked on a first come first serve basis. 

Please note: Our Aquarist for the Day and Stingray Feeding Experiences are both still suspended until further notice. If you have an un-redeemed voucher we will be in touch soon.

If you would like to purchase an experience, or experience voucher, these will be available as of 1st December 2021

All experiences are subject to availability.

VIP Penguin Feeding

Ever wanted the chance to get up close to playful penguins? Well now is your chance with the Oceanarium’s new VIP Penguin Feeding Experience!

Spend a whole day (9am-4pm) alongside our Aquarist team and learn all about the Oceanarium and the wonderful creatures that live here.  

The creatures

Visitors can get hands on and find out more about creatures like the starfish and bearded dragon.

Get up even closer to some of our most loved creatures with our Turtle Feeding Experience.


Be enchanted by our mischievous otter family as you go behind the scenes and help with feeding time and enrichment exercises.

Reef Shark Feeding Experience

Come face to face with our spectacular Black Tip Reef Sharks in our NEW Black Tip Reef Shark Feeding Experience!

Zebra Shark Feeding Experience

Come face to face with Zane our spectacular Zebra Shark in our NEW Zebra Shark Feeding Experience!

Stingray Feeding Experience

Be captivated by our Southern Stingrays Poseidon and Neptune in our NEW magical Stingray Feeding Experience!