Meet our playful penguins!

The Oceanarium is home to our playful Humboldt penguins - each with their own unique personality!


Born May 7th, 2003, at Zoo Zurich

Augustin was named after the Curator at Faunia, where he lived before moving to his permanent home in Bournemouth. He's very gentle and quiet, and will stop at nothing to protect his partner, Pingu. The loved up couple can quite often be seen grooming each other!


Born February 4th, 2010, at Faunia

Chile is our youngest penguin, he's very energetic and loves anything shiney! He spends a lot of time swimming and interacting with guests


Born May 4th, 2005, at Zoo Zurich

Cobblepot is the most mature penguin, but still has a playful streak and loves to swim! He takes his name from the infamous Batman villain, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, aka The Penguin.


Born April 8th, 2002, at Ouwehand Zoo

Darwin certainly knows his own name and now responds when called by his keepers. He's a bit of a fussy eater and likes being fed in the water. 


Born November 11th, 2002, at Ouwehand Zoo

Diego is very gentle to feed and light on his feet, which has led to keepers nicknaming him 'Twinkle Toes'. He also swims a lot! 


Born April 8th, 1995, at Colchester Zoo

Pingu is our oldest and smallest penguin. She's loved up with Augustin after their romance blossomed while at Blackpool Zoo, and they've been inseperable ever since!


Born March 13th, 2004, at Newquay Zoo

Private stands guard at the gate, eagerly awaiting his keepers and the fish they bring! He loves being close to visitors. Private takes his name from one of the pesky penguins from the Madagascar movies.


Born June 26th, 2004, at Zoo Zurich

Zorro didn't have a name when he arrived in Bournemouth, but after a suggestion from one of our younger visitors, he was christened Zorro! He's very inquisitive and spends his time hanging around the pool with Chile.

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Covid-19 Safety Information