Take an underwater adventure around the waters of the world and come face to face with hundreds of awesome creatures.

Immerse yourself in a sea of colour, with spectacular recreated environments.

Biggest Characters

Meet our residents! See if you can spot our biggest personalities as you wander around the Oceanarium!

The Amazon

Begin your underwater journey in the Amazon and venture through undergrowth where you will come face to face with menacing piranhas, giant pacu…

Penguin Beach Encounter

Fall head over flippers in love with our newest residents, a colony of 10 playful penguins in Penguin Beach Encounter.

Marine Research

Clownfish and seahorse can be viewed in the Marine Research Laboratory as well as the beautiful coral nursery, home to starfish and cleaner shrimp.

Otter Oasis

Watch our adorable otter family swim, splash, feed and play in their naturally themed oasis.

Crocodile Rocks

Crocodile Rocks is home to our African Dwarf Crocodile.


From Morocco to Mozambique, discover freshwater creatures including Chinese water dragons plus the upside down catfish native to the River Ganges. 

Stroll through the impressive underwater tunnel and marvel at a variety of shark species, southern stingrays, moray eels and a giant turtle. (Formerly Great Barrier Reef)

The Abyss

Marvel at the mysterious creatures of the dark depths of the ocean that have adapted to life without light.


What would happen if the ice caps melted and your world was flooded with water? Find out in the Global Meltdown experience!

Key West

Enjoy a beautiful cross section view of colourful fish as they swim among the tree roots of a mangrove lagoon.